Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sunset Magazine Idea House in Menlo Park

This past weekend, we visited the 2008 Sunset Magazine Idea House in Menlo Park, CA. One of my favorite home and garden magazines!

It was refreshing to see bold color used through out the house.

Pictured here is the outdoor seating area. The benches were decorated with colorful throw pillows made of various fabrics in hues of purple, chocolate and blue. They really caught my eye. I especially like the mix of patterns and fabrics in these pillows. It created a sophisticated and relaxed outdoor lounge area.

What a great idea to re-use your left over fabrics and remnants to make colorful pillows similar to these!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Itch to Stitch Sewing Column in the Orinda News

I'm so excited to announce my new sewing and decorating column in the September issue of the Orinda News. Here is the link to the online version: , pages 9 and 16.

Every other month in the column, I will share DIY sewing and decorating tips. The next column will be in the November issue and will feature beautiful holiday table decorations that you can easily make yourself. Stay tuned for the November issue of the Orinda News and I will also share the online version with you.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Itch to Stitch - Fall 2008 Sewing Class Schedule

Hello Fellow Stitchers,

Please join us for sewing classes at our studio in Berkeley.

Here is the proposed Fall 2008 schedule:

  • Classes will run for 6 consecutive Sundays and will be held at my studio in Berkeley. Maybe longer if there is enough interest.
  • Each class will be 3 hours long and will cost $30.00 per class/per person.
  • You can sign up for any number of classes you want.
  • The maximum number of students per class is 6 people (due to lack of space in my studio).
  • Best to bring your own sewing machine, but I have a few that could be used if you don’t have one.
  • Bring a friend or family member and get a discount on your tuition.
  • You will be given a basic sewing kit and everyone is welcome to use any of the supplies in my studio.
  • I have a ton of left over designer fabrics that can be used for some of the smaller projects.
  • If you don’t see any fabrics in the studio to your liking, then you are welcome to purchase your own fabrics to bring into class.

Sunday, 9/7 from 2pm – 5pm
Sewing 101 - Learn the basics of sewing (beginner class)
Learn how to work that machine...troubleshooting; threading; adjusting stitches and tension; etc. Also, we’ll learn some basic machine and hand stitches. Learn how to layout, pin and cut out a pattern. You will be able to make and complete a decorative throw pillow to take home.

Sunday, 9/14 from 2pm – 5pm
Handbags and Totes (beginner class)
Don’t use paper or plastic, make your own unique totebag to schlep those groceries around. You’ll make a great looking totebag using one of the creative pattern designs by Amy Butler. You are welcome to use my infamous stash of designer fabrics or purchase your own to bring to class.

Sunday, 9/21 from 2pm – 5pm
Zippers, buttonholes and pockets (intermediate class)
Learn the correct way to sew in those zippers. We’ll go over the different ways of sewing zippers into garments. Also, we will learn how to make tailored bound buttonholes and bound pockets. Just like what you see in those beautifully tailored jackets from those expensive designer brands!

Sunday, 9/28 from 2pm – 5pm
Open sewing workshop
Bring in those unfinished projects and let’s finally finish them up before they go out of style.

Sunday, 10/5 from 2pm – 5pm
Alteration party (beginner class)
Let’s help each other alter those old clothes that have been hanging in your closet for ages.

Sunday, 10/12 from 2pm – 5pm
Fun holiday decorations (beginner class)
Learn how to make festive fall table decorations out of fabric. Make your own table runners, placemats, napkins and napkin holders. If there’s time, we’ll make a gorgeous fall wreath out of ribbon, buttons and wool felt that will become a family heirloom for generations to come.

If there is a specific sewing technique or project that you want to learn, please let me know so we can add it to the program. If students are still interested in learning more about the art of sewing, the courses will continue.

Please let me know if you and/or a friend are interested in this fun and creative class. Limit to six students per class so sign up early!

If you’re not interested at this time, please feel free to tell your friends and colleagues who want to get creative.

Happy Sewing!

Doreen Leong

Leong Interiors
1800 Dwight Way
Berkeley, CA 94703

510-841-0882 (fax)

Friday, August 22, 2008

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